Tiny Treasures Make a Difference in Life

June 09, 2019


When my children were young I use to teach them to look for tiny treasures. 

At the beach, the tiny treasures would be finding sea shells, sand dollars or starfish; seeing a sea otter eat his meal on his chest;  watching a group of dolphins swimming by; or hearing the sea lions barking in the distance.

On paths through the woods, the tiny treasures could be something as simple as a beautiful golden or orange leaf in the fall, or a furry squirrel resting with his paws on his belly on a hot summer’s day.  On my walk today, I was fortunate to see cardinals, golden finches and turtledoves.  

These tiny treasures brought back memories of the past and how busyness in our life can take us away from gratitude and smelling the roses.

In contrast, in our society we are often given more work when we do a good job.  

However, rest is what we need so our body can heal and perform well. We need to learn to care for ourselves with a balance of exercise, work and fun.   Why not give it a try in your life and see if you agree?

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